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EC Advisory Board of the British Institute, "The Role and Future of the European Court of Justice"
Reviewer: Poiares Maduro, Miguel
(published: 1/23/2003)

Evans, Andrew, "EC Law of State Aid"
Reviewer: Gerber, David J.
(published: 6/23/2003)

Fallon, Marc, "Droit matériel général des Communautés européennes"
Reviewer: Poiares Maduro, Miguel
(published: 6/23/2003)

Foster, Nigel, "Blackstone´s EC Legislation Handbook"
Reviewer: Poiares Maduro, Miguel
(published: 12/23/2003)

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Liste, Philip, "Völkerrecht-Sprechen: Die Konstruktion demokratischer Völkerrechtspolitik in den USA und der Bundesrepublik Deutschland"
Venzke, Ingo, "How Interpretation Makes International Law. On Semantic Change and Normative Twists."
Reviewer: Klabbers, Jan
(published: 4/7/2013)

Abass, Ademola (ed.), "Protecting Human Security in Africa"
Reviewer: Swart, Mia
(published: 3/28/2013)

Adnett, Nick and Hardy, Stephen, "The European Social Model: Modernisation or Evolution?"
Reviewer: Ashiagbor, Diamond
(published: 2/16/2006)

Aggarwal, Vinod K. and Fogarty, Edward A. (eds.), "EU Trade Strategies: Between Regionalism and Globalism"
Reviewer: Zukova, Galina
(published: 4/10/2006)

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Alemanno, Alberto, "Trade in Food. Regulatory and Judicial Approaches in the EC and the WTO"
Reviewer: Hornsby, David J.
(published: 10/25/2009)

Bamforth, Nicholas, and Leyland, Peter (eds.), "Public Law in a Multi-Layered Constitution"
Reviewer: Mayer, Franz
Multi-Layered and multi-levelled? Public law architectures for the 21st century (published: 3/5/2007)

Bartels, Lorand, "Human Rights Conditionality in the EU´s International Agreements"
Reviewer: Cebada Romero, Alicia
(published: 10/19/2006)

Ziller, Jacques, "Il nuovo Trattato europeo"
Besselink, L. F. M., "A Composite European Constitution"
Reviewer: Martinico, Giuseppe
(published: 2/19/2009)

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