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d´Aspremont, Jean, "Formalism and The Sources of International Law. A Theory of the Ascertainment of Legal Rules "
Kammerhofer, Jörg, "Uncertainty in International Law; A Kelsenian perspective"
Reviewer: Garcia-Salmones, Mónica
(published: 1/5/2013)

Dann, Philipp, and Rynkowski, Michal (eds.), "The Unity of the European Constitution"
Reviewer: Avbelj, Matej
(published: 7/24/2007)

Danny Nicol, "The Constitutional Protection of Capitalism"
Reviewer: Losada Fraga, Fernando
(published: 12/20/2010)

Cremona, Marise (ed.), "Developments in EU External Relations Law"
Dashwood, Alan; Maresceau, Marc, "Law and Practice of EU External Relations"
Reviewer: Hilpold, Peter
(published: 4/3/2009)

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de Vries, Sybe A., "Tensions within the Internal Market: The Functioning of the Internal Market and the Development of Horizontal and Flanking Policies"
Reviewer: Weatherill, Stephen
(published: 11/16/2006)

Lindblom, Anna-Karin, "Non-Governmental Organizations in International Law"
Dupuy, Pierre-Marie, and Vierucci Luisa (eds), "NGOs in International Law"
Ripinsky, Sergey and Van den Bossche, Peter, "NGO Involvement in International Organizations: A Legal Analysis"
Vedder, Anton (ed.), "NGO Involvement in International Governance and Policy: Sources of Legitimacy"
Reviewer: Pearson, Zoe
Enduring Issues of Non-Governmental Organizations in International Law (published: 10/25/2009)

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