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Macrory, Richard (ed.), "Reflections on 30 Years of EU Environmental Law"
Reviewer: Demmke, Christoph
(published: 6/2/2006)

Maduro, Miguel Poiares and Azoulai, Loïc (eds.), "The Past and Future of EU Law: The Classics of EU Law Revisited on the 50th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty"
Reviewer: Jacob, Marc
(published: 10/25/2010)

Maffei, Stefano, "The European Right to Confrontation in Criminal Proceedings: Absent, Anonymous and Vulnerable Witnesses"
Reviewer: Banach-Gutierrez, Joanna
(published: 2/1/2010)

Mälksoo, Lauri, "Illegal Annexation and State Continuity: The Case of the Incorporation of the Baltic States by the USSR"
Reviewer: Ronen, Yael
(published: 10/31/2005)

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Micklitz, Hans-W., "The Politics of Judicial Co-operation in the EU: Sunday Trading, Equal Treatment and Good Faith"
Reviewer: Reich, Norbert
(published: 2/16/2006)

Burrows, Noreen and Greaves, Rosa, "The Advocate General and EC Law"
Moser, Philip and Sawyer, Katrine (eds), "Making Community Law: The Legacy of Advocate General Jacobs at the European Court of Justice"
Reviewer: Schilling, Theodor
The Advocate General (published: 10/25/2009)

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