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Ziemele, Ineta, "State Continuity and Nationality: Baltic States and Russia: Past, Present and Future as Defined by International Law"
Reviewer: Ronen, Yael
(published: 10/19/2006)

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Ziller, Jacques, "Il nuovo Trattato europeo"
Besselink, L. F. M., "A Composite European Constitution"
Reviewer: Martinico, Giuseppe
(published: 2/19/2009)

Espósito, Carlos; Li, Yuefen and Bohoslavsky, Juan Pablo (eds.) , "Sovereign Financing and International Law. The UNCTAD Principles on Responsible Sovereign Lending and Borrowing"
Zimmermann, Claus D. , "A Contemporary Concept of Monetary Sovereignty"
Brummer, Chris , "Soft Law and the Global Financial System—Rule Making in the 21st Century"
Cottier, Thomas; Lastra, Rosa; Tietje, Christian; Satragno, Lucia (eds), "The Rule of Law in Monetary Affairs: World Trade Forum"
Reviewer: Finke, Jasper
(published: 7/23/2015)

Zürn, Michael and Joerges, Christian (eds.), "Law and Governance in Postnational Europe: Compliance Beyond the Nation-State "
Reviewer: Auth, Günther
Understanding Compliance with International Law (published: 11/16/2006)

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