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Hanf, Dominik and Muñoz, Rodolphe (eds), "La Libre Circulation des Personnes: Etats des Lieux et Perspectives"
Reviewer: Kochenov, Dimitry
(published: 7/3/2008)

Vandersanden, Georges, "La responsabilité des Etats membres en cas de violation du droit communautaire"
Reviewer: Poiares Maduro, Miguel
(published: 12/22/2003)

Cremona, Marise (ed.), "Developments in EU External Relations Law"
Dashwood, Alan; Maresceau, Marc, "Law and Practice of EU External Relations"
Reviewer: Hilpold, Peter
(published: 4/3/2009)

Cameron, Peter (ed.), "Legal Aspects Of EU Energy Regulation: Implementing The New Directives On Electricity And Gas Across Europe"
Reviewer: Talus, Kim
(published: 4/10/2006)

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Zürn, Michael and Joerges, Christian (eds.), "Law and Governance in Postnational Europe: Compliance Beyond the Nation-State "
Reviewer: Auth, Günther
Understanding Compliance with International Law (published: 11/16/2006)

Thornhill, Chris, "A Sociology of Constitutions . Constitutions and State Legitimacy in Historical-Sociological Perspective "
Brunnée, Jutta; Toope J. Stephen, "Legitimacy and Legality in International Law; An Interactional Account "
Charlesworth, Hilary; Coicaud, Jean-Marc , "Fault Lines of International Legitimacy "
Reviewer: Yahyaoui-Krivenko, Ekaterina
(published: 1/2/2013)

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